Tell us about your background in real estate. What got you into the biz?  

I was fortunate enough to grow up around real estate. My family invested in rental property from the time I was very young, and they’re still investing in real estate to this day. Not only was I surrounded by the industry, my family actually put me to work from a young age answering phones! From there, I learned how to vet potential tenants and secure showings for our rental properties. And then I was hooked, and I’ve stayed in real estate ever since (now for over 25 years!).

Whoa. You may have set a record as the youngest realtor ever! How did your passion evolve over the years, and what do you enjoy the most about our industry? 

The short answer is, I love it all.  From residential to commercial, I’ve gotten the chance to work with every facet of real estate in my career, and I’m eager to share my experience with my clients. In particular, I love helping investors start their journey in real estate or expand their portfolios. Whether you want to lease at a shopping center or buy your first family home, I’ve got you covered.

We know you’re awesome. But for someone who may not know you, what sets you apart from the rest? Why would a client love working with you?

I’m in it with you every step of the way. Buying a home for your family or purchasing an investment property is such an exciting time, and I love to be a part of it. When I help a client with buying or selling, I love to listen to their needs and follow through with the perfect property for them. I’m committed to building relationships with my clients because I know that this can be an overwhelming time, and I want to ensure they can trust me as they make these very important decisions. At the end of the day, real estate is my true passion, and I absolutely love sharing the knowledge I’ve garnered over the course of my career with my clients so they can reach their goals and achieve their dreams.