Tell us about how you found your passion for real estate!

As long as I can remember I have had a heart for real estate. At the age of 5 I made my first verbal offer to my grandmother to purchase her house for $2. I hoped to buy not only her house, but all of the surrounding houses to remodel and sell for $5, she accepted.

She probably cut you some slack on the commission rate as well. Nice. How did your passion evolve into a career over the years?

In 2006, while I was still in college, I purchased my first house to flip. The house sold in 2 weeks after making a few cosmetic repairs, and there was no looking back. After the recession (and numerous properties later), I decided to get my real estate license to get a better return on my investment and to get a jump on my competition.

Smart move considering there likely weren’t anymore $2 homes on the market. At what point did you decide to use your talents to help others?

After a few years of investing, people started approaching me about helping them buy and sell their homes. Initially, I was drawn to the opportunity simply to advance my career, only to find that it was incredibly rewarding helping people through this overwhelming process. Although I continue to dabble in flipping and investing and I am known for my work in the commercial sector, my true passion is using my market knowledge to help people find their forever home.