Hi Hannah! Please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you're from and what you like to do in your spare time?

I grew up in Piedmont, OK the majority of my life and moved to Texas for a short 3 years before coming back to make Edmond my home. My 3 amazing kiddos (ages 2-10) are of course what drives me to work hard and never stop even through trial and errors (I've had plenty lol)! They are all active in some type of recreation throughout the year so when I'm not managing real estate deals you can find me shuttling little people all over OKC. When I find spare time, I like to take advantage of the outdoors in any form or fashion and TRY to finish a good book!

Have you had to get more creative due to COVID? What are some things you are doing to ensure the safety of your clients?

My form of networking is typically making genuine connections with people in person, however, I respect following certain safety precautions such as wearing a mask at a showing or holding a zoom presentation and virtual tours. Fortunately, social distancing has not hindered me from developing relationships with clients and providing an excellent experience for them.

You currently have an overlay on your Facebook profile promoting unity. Given the nation's news cycle lately, can you tell us a little bit about how the last couple months has meant to you personally?

It signifies UNITY. I do support Black Lives Matter. I follow #BLM social media and I keep up with current events pertaining to the movement. I peacefully protested and walked basically 10 miles to the State Capitol for my children. My two boys are both biracial (black and white) and my daughter is white. As it terrifies me that some day if change is not made in the world, I could be that mother on television begging & pleading for justice for my child. I do have hope that it CAN & WILL change so long as we do so from a position of knowledge and UNITY. I teach my babies intentionally and inadvertently to love every single person no matter their color, social status, religious beliefs. It starts at home. So, the last couple months have meant for me, showing them that their momma has their back and will take part in being that change I want to see for their future. Peacefully.

What do you envision the future of real estate to look like?

Real Estate is like an entire force of its own! I don't try to predict the market so much as I focus on just building great relationships and staying educated on current trends. I have several investors expanding their portfolios to all aspects of real estate, which keeps things fun and interesting as well! But personal future goal, if things stay the course they are today I will need an assistant 😊

What would you say to prospective clients asking you about today's housing market?

Don't sit on a house you love too long. Blink and it's gone!

Anything else you want to share?

Yes, contact me at 405-695-9040 for all your real estate needs. 😊